Access Denied is the story of life in the foster care system from a child's perspective and the effects after becoming an adult.  This is a story of hope and triumph over tragedy.   In the end, Dr. Reddick offers several solutions to "Save" rather than "Store" America's foster children.

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Book Summary 

Our organization, Save Us Too, in Pacific Grove, CA, was founded by Katherine Reddick, the author of “Access Denied.”

The book is riveting, fast-paced, and an authentic story that grabs the reader immediately and takes them through a tumultuous childhood of child abuse from parents and within the foster care system. As a result, the impact from those experiences on adulthood appeared destined to failure by deeply embedded dysfunction and powerfully controlled negative thoughts and actions.

Nonetheless, Katherine’s journey eventually lead to a life of success, followed by a desire to transform the foster care system in America. Her original path seemed set in stone, but determination and education transcended her into a new life as a school principal, author and advocate for foster children.

The conversation and request to write her story came as a result of writing the obituary of Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick (Katherine’s mother). The obituary went viral, and after many requests from The View, Dr. Phil and others to tell pieces of the story; Katherine knew the whole story would be far more powerful. This story is unique in that few children survive to expose the tumultuous lifestyle children are forced to endure as foster children. Secondly, it provides specific solutions to “save” rather than “store” America’s foster children.

Katherine’s audience is waiting for the full story and she is prepared to extend its success through public speaking, act as a media topic expert and as an ongoing advocate to protect abused and neglected children. Her “American Dream” is to “save”, rather than “store” American’s foster children. The dream is big and she can’t do it alone. America’s foster children need you!