Saving America’s Foster Children

At Save Us Too in Pacific Grove, CA, our mission is to save America’s foster children from ongoing abuse, neglect and social injustice by securing their safety and guiding them towards a prosperous future.

We work tirelessly to ensure abused and neglected children in America receive the equitable liberties and justices pledged to all American children. We strive to secure their safety and provide them with equality by safeguarding their social, emotional, educational, and developmental needs take priority in all aspects of their custodial care

Abuse and neglect aren’t always visible. Instead, it’s often revealed by the highly dysfunctional behaviors of victims. These children didn’t deserve the abuses they encountered as “wards of the state.”

About Our Founder, Katherine Reddick, Ph.D.

After spending her childhood living in the foster care system, she became inspired to correct the dysfunctional system that exposed her and her siblings to years of abuse and neglect at the hands of their mother, and those who were assigned to protect them – America's foster care system.

After finally rescuing herself from the devastating effects of long-term child abuse in permanent foster care, Katherine discovered her passion to save “America’s Hidden Children.” Today, she has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and specializes in social services reform through public speaking, advocating for children’s safety as a legal advocate, program developer and consultant for organizations compassionate about reforming foster care and preventing child abuse.

She is also an accomplished author and has worked in public education for the past 17 years as a teacher and elementary school principal.

An Accomplished Author

  • Access DENIED! A Woman’s Journey to Access “The American Dream” (Page Publishing, Summer, 2016)
  • The Obituary (Reno Gazette Journal, 2012)

  • Investigating The Relationships Among Leadership Influence, Collective Teacher Efficacy, And Socio-Economic Status As Predictors of Student Achievement (Scholastic Publishing, 2015)

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